Liquid enzyme solutions

Addclean ME L

Blend of 5 enzymes designed to remove wide range of complex stains & improve fabric brightness

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Addclean 4L

Blend of 4 enzymes designed to effectively remove complex stains and improve fabric brightness

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Addclean ME 3L

Blend of 3 enzymes designed to remove complex stains originated from traditional food, oils and sebum

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Addclean Pro L

Wide pH protease enzyme designed to remove protein based stains such as blood, milk, sebum, grass etc

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Addclean LP L Super

Wide pH lipase enzyme designed to remove lipids or fat based stains coming from bodily oils, cooking oils, fried food stuff, butter, margarine, cheese etc

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Addclean AM L

Amylase enzyme designed to remove starchy stains coming from rice, potatoes, chocolates, porridge, puddings etc

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Addclean MN L

Mannanase enzyme designed to remove mannan based stains coming from variety of ketchup or sauces, mayonnaise, ice creams, gum based various processed food stuffs etc

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Addclean CE L

For whiteness maintenance and fuzz & pills removal

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