Pulp & Paper

SEBrite 0102 L / 0102 S

Unique blend (liquid / powder) of a bio-degradable long-chain polymeric surfactant along with a lipase.

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SEBrite PR 810 L / PR 811 S

Unique blend of a bio-degradable polymeric surfactant & cellulase for deinking of recycled paper.

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SEBrite DI L / DI Plus S

Unique cellulase (liquid / powder) preparation for deinking of recycled paper.

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Lipase (liquid / powder) preparation for stickies removal in pulp & paper processing.

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SEBrite Bleach L

Thermostable alkaline xylanase (liquid) preparation for bleach-boosting of virgin pulp.

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SEBrite SM 10 L / 40 L / HT L

Amylase (liquid) preparation for starch modification in pulp & paper application.

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Cellulase (liquid) preparation for bio-refining of pulp.

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SEBrite PC L

Lipase (liquid) preparation for pitch control of pulp.

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