Mr. Mike Smith

Mr. Mike Smith Vice President Sales& Marketing - Specialty Enzymes & Biotechnologies

As a professional, he has a background in research, sales, marketing and technical support spanning more than 30 years in various fields of life sciences. He has worked in dermatological pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, chemical raw materials and finally, enzymes and probiotics at Specialty Enzymes. He published, edited and wrote articles for two different trade magazine including Enzyme World, an Advanced Enzyme-Specialty Enzymes publication.

Mike joined the Specialty Enzymes in 2006. In his current position as Vice President of Specialty Enzymes he provides sales, marketing and technical support in the area of enzymes and probiotic products for many different industries, but with a concentration on Nutraceutical applications.

Mike’s education is inCell Physiology and Biochemistry. As a graduate student, he conducted research on the dynamics of ribosomes and protein synthesis.

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